Corporate services often integrate with an in-house marketing team, or project lead. Projects vary quite a lot, but I tend to provide services which the in-house team doesn't have time for, or simply cannot fulfill. I can work hourly, by project, or by ongoing contract. I understand how corporate teams work, and we can function independently or as key internal players. 

Corporate marketing services I commonly provide are:

  • Branding/Identity Development/Brand Standards Development
  • Rebranding, Brand Updates and Refinement
  • Acquisition Brand Asset Management and Integration
  • Digital & Traditional Integrated Marketing
  • Marketing Materials Development (sell sheets, conference booth materials)
  • Web Design & Development (corporate sites, micro-sites, internal MARCOM resource sites)
  • Template Development (Word, PPT, Excel, Email, Digital & Print Materials)
  • Sales/Client Presentation Development & Illustration
  • CRM & Marketing Platform Integration, Google Analytics
  • Marketing Automation, Drip Campaign Development
  • Marketing Strategy & Campaign Development
  • Social Media Marketing/Content Development/Advertising
  • Client/Customer/Prospect Email Communications
  • Copywriting/Content Development
  • UX and UI Design, App Design, Product Design
  • Business Product & Services Development

Small Business,
Startup, Nonprofit

I can provide full marketing, design and communication services for organizations of all sizes. Smaller businesses and nonprofits often need a marketing tune-up, or a version 2.0 relaunch, while startups need everything. I like it all. I do it all.  

Small business marketing services I commonly provide are:

  • Logo Design/Identity Development
  • Web Design & Analytics
  • Marketing Materials Development
  • Marketing Campaign & Strategy
  • Copywriting/Content Development
  • Social Media Content & Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • CRM Establishment & Integration
  • Email Communications
  • Conference/Presentation Development